Outdoor Party Games for Adults and Kids

outdoor party games for adults

When planning amazing outdoor parties for either adults or kids, you want to have certain elements in place. This fall into broad categories, and once you have some or all of them put in place, you can just improvise on the rest. Having games will make it a light-hearted and fun event. Outdoor summer games are great for children, or even for the whole family to be involved in. Whether it is for children or adults, the ideal party game will make everyone feel welcome, and also have some level of competitiveness.

Note: If you’re looking for ‘adults only’ games, scroll to the bottom of this page

Some Ideas for Outdoor Party Games

There are a lot of fun outdoor games, but these are some of the most popular ones:

Ladder Ball or “Blongo Ball”

the best blongo ball setBlongo Ball” goes by many different names, but this is a super-simple but super-fun game that everyone likes. This is a great game if you have a mix of adults and kids and you want to involve everyone. The game comes with instructions and takes about 3 seconds to learn, but essentially you throw a “blongo ball”, which is two balls tied together, towards a stand with three racks. Each rack has a point value, and you try and get the blongo ball to hang on the rack worth the most points. Then your team keeps score as you go. You can read the full rules and how to play ladder ball here…

It’s really addicting and even the most shy or “too cool” person in your group will turn into a serious Blongo¬†competitor. You can get the full Blongo Ball game set here…

Ring Toss

the best rings for ring tossRing toss is a classic game that everyone knows how to play. It doesn’t take an athlete either, so it’s a game that everyone can enjoy together. The trick to making ring toss fun is to get everyone involved in the first round and actually keep score. Once you’ve done that, the competitiveness will set in and everyone will want to keep going. A big bonus is how funny it is when the “alpha male” uncle completely misses the pegs. This is a great set for about fifteen bucks that will last a long time…


Best Badminton and Volleyball Combo Set Badminton is a pretty fun game, especially if you’ve got a few people who are decent at it. The nice thing about the badminton itself is that it’s fairly forgiving when it’s hit, so even someone without much experience will get the hang of it pretty fast.

The only downside to badminton is that usually only 4 people can play at a time. The best thing is to pick up a combo badminton/volleyball set like this one so that you’re equipped to throw down a volleyball game as well if you have enough people.

Backyard Volleyball

Volleyball is actually one of the funnest games to play if you have more than 6 people. Most ordinary peeps don’t have the skills to pull off 2 on 2, but with at least 3 people on each team you can get a decent game going. The sweet spot is 6-8 people on a team.

Like I mentioned above, it’s worth picking up a combo volleyball/badminton set so that you can play both games.

Backyard Water and Pool Games

If you have access to a pool, then you can play outdoor party games for kids such as Marco Polo or water basketball. Even racing is a fun activity, as long as the pool is large enough to allow for it. This can even be a great option for adults, as well.

Another wet and wild game for children and adults alike is playing with water balloons. Simply buy a decent sized bag of balloons, fill them with water and tie them up. Then, place them in a bucket or two for party guests to grab and attack each other with. They may get soaked, but everyone likely will enjoy a water balloon fight. Just make sure to tell your guests before hand to bring a change of clothes so that they will not have to stay in their wet outfits.

An incredibly fun game for children to play outdoors is the flip-flop wheelbarrow relay. In this game, the children are broken up into two or more teams of equal numbers. One child stands behind their partner, while the partner places his or her ankles in the other child’s hands. The upside down child then walks on his or her hands, with flip flops between his or her index and middle fingers. This pair races pairs from the other teams, until they reach the opposite side of the yard, where they switch and another pair races, until a team has made it through the yard with all members. You can set up a nice prize for the winning team-for example frisbies, bubbles, or something else that would be great for the summer.

There are many sports related outdoor party games for adults and children, such as dodgeball or war ball, which is an extreme version of dodgeball. If you have a basketball hoop on your property, the kids can play a game called Horse, in which X’s or other markers are placed on the ground in order to designate where they have to stand while shooting the ball. Each player starts at the same point, and if they miss from a position, they are given an “h”, then an “o” for the next time they miss, so on and so forth. They will continue this until they have received each letter of “horse”, with the winner being the only child who did not reach “horse”. This game can become quite competitive, so make sure that you have an adult referee on hand to help keep things in line.

If you have the means to acquire a bale of hay or straw, an exciting game to play would be Treasure in a Haystack. This is when you take the wire or twine off the hay or straw, and hide coins and various small treasures in the pile. Then, have the kids tear apart this pile to find the treasure. Afterwards, they can have some messy fun with the straw or hay. This is a game that is better for younger kids, as they will appreciate finding simple items that you use for the treasure more than older children will.

Party Games for Adults

Best party games for adults

While adults typically do not use many games at their parties, opting for food and drink instead, there are some that they may enjoy. If you are planning an adult party, you can play a game such as Twister or a bawdy board game, such as Taboo or Never Have I Ever, which is a drinking game.

Board games and other games specifically for adults are becoming more and more popular, and there are some good ones out there… here’s a few examples:

If you have music playing at the party, you can have a dance off or play a game of musical chairs to make you feel like a kid again.

Party games are an enjoyable time for many people, and help to make your party fun and memorable. Go for some tried and true games from your childhood for an adult party, or play water or sports games for a mixed adult and kids’ party. For a kids’ party, the more messy and silly the games are, the better.

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