How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

how to keep birds out of your garden

Mesh like this is an effective way of keeping pesky birds out of your garden.

Birds are beautiful and graceful in their own habitats, and almost everyone enjoys listening to their various songs. However, birds can sometimes present a problem, especially if you have a lush garden that requires protection. This is because certain bird species are capable of ruining garden landscapes and destroying vegetation. If you are wondering how to keep birds out of your garden, you will likely find the following methods very helpful.

Tips for Keeping Birds Out of Your Garden

Problems with birds can occur in virtually any area of the world. Seagulls, pigeons and crows are some of the most common bird pests, but almost any birds can become troublesome when they gather in inappropriate places or in large numbers. Although nothing is going to rid a particular location entirely of birds, there are ways to prevent large numbers of them from residing on your property.

There are several bird control methods from which you can choose when such a problem has reached pest level. For example, they can be chased away through the use of several different devices, trapped and relocated, or killed. However, prior to killing fowl of any kind, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area, as certain regulations prohibit the killing of specific types of birds. In addition, if you are like most homeowners, you would prefer not to have to resort to the latter option.

Electrical Devices and Mesh

To prevent birds from perching near your home, you may wish to hang mesh over specific areas of your property or install electrified tracks. The latter administers a mild shock to the offending birds and will discourage them from landing on their favorite perches around your home.

Propane Cannons

You also have the option of investing in propane cannons, which produce an explosive sound similar to that of a shotgun. However, this option is associated with some negative aspects as well, such as the sound it makes. In addition, it can be a bit costly, as you will need the cannon itself, a timer and a tripod. The entire ensemble will run approximately $500. Although the majority of these remedies are temporarily effective, they are somewhat expensive and difficult to implement. For this reason they are not ideal solutions for most homeowners.

Plastic Owls to Scare Birds

If you need to keep birds away from your garden, but are working with a somewhat limited budget, you may wish to invest in a plastic owl to scare birds. Owl figures typically frighten away numerous bird species quite effectively, and they are certainly on the lower end of the scale with regard to expense.

Anti-perching plastic owls are used frequently by homeowners as a bird deterrent, and they are especially helpful with scaring away pigeons and crows from their favorite roosting or perching sites. Such devices are particularly helpful for those who live in urban environments. Most devices of this type are life-size models of authentic owls. They usually stand between one and two feet high, depending on which model was selected and the type of owl being replicated.

When shopping for such a device you will find that the quality varies considerably from model to model, and you may have to comparison shop before finding one with which you are satisfied. Most models have no moving parts, but there are certain models with bobbing wings and heads that are designed to move in the wind.

Rubber Snakes to Scare Birds

Rubber snakes to scare birds are another good option. Similar to plastic owls, such devices are inexpensive yet highly effective. Rubber snakes can be found in home improvement outlets, dollar stores or the housewares section of most general department stores. It is wise to select a snake that is recognizable to yourself and your family. For instance, if green snakes are seen from time to time on your property, you may wish to choose a striped rubber snake in a dark color. This is because it is wise to move the rubber snakes every few days to stay ahead of your bird problem, and you do not want to accidentally grab a live snake when completing this task, even if it is a harmless one.

Additional Considerations

If you experience an infestation that appears to be gaining momentum despite all efforts to curb it, you should consult a bird control professional. Such professionals can assess any damage to the property and discuss additional options you may have to control the problem. This way you can be sure that your garden will be protected, and your property will remain an enjoyable place to reside for many future years.

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